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Used by thousands of teachers across Alberta
  • The IPP/IEP System is used by thousands of teachers across Alberta, and has generated tens of thousands of IPPs to be submitted to provincial governments.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Do you provide training?

Purchase of the IPPS includes a half day of online training for two administrators. We also offer training at your location for as many users as you require, for an additional fee. Please see pricing for more details.

How long will take to setup our system after we purchase it?

The time to set up your IPPS will vary depending on any customizations you may require. If these changes are minor (or you do not require any) you site can be live as quickly as within two weeks.

How much will customizations cost?

A lot of the changes can be made by your administrators, as the system is designed to allow you to change system text/terminology, email settings, etc. Additional changes when setting up the system are usually done at no cost, as we have built the system to be flexible. In the event that new sections or significant changes are required, we will build it in a timely manner at our hourly rate.