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Used by thousands of teachers across Alberta
  • The IPP/IEP System is used by thousands of teachers across Alberta, and has generated tens of thousands of IPPs to be submitted to provincial governments.

Available Forms
All forms can be made optional or required depending on the student's special education code. We can easily change the terminology and fields, or create/remove forms to meet your needs. At any time users can print individual forms to .pdf file format, or convert the entire IPP to a .pdf.
  • Student Information
    General information about the student (education numbers, age, school, placement, principal, parent/guardian contact information, special education code, etc.)

  • Planning Team
    Those involved in the production of this IPP and their roles.

  • Background Information
    Current services, assessments (types, dates, by whom, summary), schools attended, etc.

  • Performance Level
    Current level, areas of strength, areas of need (also known as areas to develop), instructional accommodations, special provisions for assessment, etc.

  • Success in School Plan
    This is a rather extensive form, to view a blank PDF version please click here.

  • Curriculum Modifications
    Summary of curriculum modifications.

  • Transition Plans
    Summary of transition plans, role of the assistant.

  • Behavior Support Plan
    Presenting behavior, preventative strategies, alternative behaviors, teaching strategies, reinforcement procedures, reactive strategies, behavior goal, review dates.

  • Long Term Goals
    Long term goals regarding areas of need (also known as areas to develop), default dates for reviews.

  • Short Term Objects
    Measurable objectives for the long term goals, review dates, assessment procedures, persons responsible.

  • Goal Summary
    Goal summary, student involvement and expectations, parent involvement and expectations, etc.

  • Medical Information
    Medical emergency plan, medical conditions impacting schooling.

  • Term Report
    Status of short term objectives and behavior support plans, future dates for reviews, comments on progress.

  • Term Report
    Information about progress toward meeting Long Term Goals. Successes, challenges and recommendations for future programming.